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The decentralized cloud database.

Tableland is an open source, permissionless cloud database built on SQLite. Read and write tamperproof data from apps, data pipelines, or EVM smart contracts.

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Build on decentralized data without the headache.


Tableland is a fully-featured, ACID-compliant, relational database built on the blazing-fast SQLite engine.

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On-chain security

Leverage wallet and contract-based authentication & authorization. Configure tables with fine-grained row- and column-level write access control.

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Write SQL from your frontend, backend, or smart-contracts.

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Live on Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, and Polygon. Filecoin and zkEVMs coming soon.

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Backed by a network of early visionaries and developers.

What can you build with Tableland?

Get started with examples and templates from the community.

A game of hangman

A multiplayer game of hangman showing how to store game state and render a dynamic NFT.

A key-value store

A mintable key-value store with advanced permissioning.

A game of on-chain chess

A multiplayer chess application leveraging on-chain access control. Mint a game with a challenger!

A data DAO

An ERC-20 Data DAO built on Polygon.

A voting mechanism

A simple voting mechanism leveraging advanced access control.