The Pilot Program

Join the next pilot program season for access to exclusive mentorship, prizes, and a small group building on the cutting edge of the open web.

Check out the demos from Season 5.

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Tableland CommunityThe Pilot Program is here to support you with funding, technical mentors, public showcases, and more. The program is low-lift and high reward for any builder with a vision and dedication.

Connect and learn

You will receive mentoring from our genesis team and direct onboarding onto the Tableland stack. Every team will be granted a free Tableland Rig per project.

Access to Tableland Support

Access both funding and dedicated engineering support to help your project become real.

Build Fundable Prototypes

Create portfolio-worthy prototypes with the help of mentors and peers.

Marketing and PR

Including showcasing work outcomes to the Tableland community, inclusion in our private investor newsletter, and our social outlets.